RAV is affiliated to CBSE Upto Class X. Affiliation No. 3530066 / 3580013

The School

On 15 August 1993 the Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) established Raksha Anusandhan Vidyalaya as a gift to the nation. In this small but beautiful school, nestled in the foothills of a Sal-forested hillock, the members of the school's Management Body comprising eminent scientists of DEAL and IRDE, and leading Educationists of Dehradun and the Raksha Anusandhan Vidyalaya Community have come together, thanks to DRDO, to further this ennobling enterprise that we call Education.

In addition to wards of DRDO employees, the Raksha Anusandhan Vidyalaya is providing very good and affordable education to children of economically weaker sections of society.

India's destiny is taking shape in her classrooms. In a world experiencing tremendous growth in Science and Technology, It is Education that determines the level of prosperity, welfare and security of the people.

Raksha Anusandhan Vidyalaya was established to enhance the quality of individuals passing out of our Educational System so that they can contribute to Nation building in an effective manner.

The purpose of school education is to bring out the best in the child by creating and providing an environment, which facilitates learning through exposure to a variety of curricular activities.

Education cannot limit itself to the mere imparting of functional literacy : Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. It must go beyond these 3 R's to instil and develop in children an attitude of Respect, a basic belief in their inherent Resourcefulness, a sense of civic Responsibility and a capacity for deep Reflection.

The School, therefore, aims to :
  • Provide well balanced and integrated intellectual, physical and aesthetic activities in an atmosphere of equality irrespective of class, caste and creed;
  • Provide an opportunity to children for self experience and self expression;
  • Provide an opportunity to children to judge their own work critically;
  • Provide an opportunity to work together and share ideas; and above all.
  • Help children develop "Right Attitudes" towards life and inculcate national values of a Secular, Democratic Society.

It is only through "Right Attitudes" that we can attain the highest knowledge and truth.

Hence our motto
"श्रद्धावान लभते ज्ञानम"