RAV is affiliated to CBSE Upto Class X. Affiliation No. 3530066 / 3580013

Mission Statement 2022 Rav, Dehradun

  • Raksha Anusnadhan Vidyalaya (RAV) will try to accomplish educational needs of children and endeavour to promote use of ICT by teachers and thus enhance teaching learning process. Environment inculcating affinity towards Indian culture, traditional values and to develop the spirit of National Integration among the children.
  • RAV will focus on the concept of all round personality development and concentrate on peer group learning system to prepare children to be self learners and achievers by achieving 100% RICHES



    CColobration and Communication

    HHonesty and Humility


    SSelf and social awareness

  • The School will improve the basic scientific awareness within the school and neighboring surrounding areas with the help of students using different activities and thus develop scientific temper in the society by 2022.
  • Opening of science and humanities streams after our school upgradation to cater the needs of deserving and aspiring students.
  • Imparting moral and ethical values to students and build National Character by setting up personal examples by teachers.
  • Upgrading teaching and communication skills of teachers by capacity building programmes.